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Created by entrepreneur Marco Gomes, the service will encourage users to exercise in exchange of points in reward programs in Brazil that can be used to buy airplane tickets, products and other benefits.

Focusing in a market that moves US$ 30 billion a year, corresponding to 1,9% of Brazil’s GNP, the world’s best marketing professional, Marco Gomes, created Mova+ (pronounced “Mova Mais”), a service that will give points in reward program to those who exercise. Users will be able to get airplane tickets, buy products and even pay bills when they accumulate the points needed by running, swimming, playing soccer, riding bicycle… And logging these activities at Mova+.

“People can improve their quality of life through exercising and strengthen their health. It is important not only for them, but also for companies, health insurance companies and even the government, since it increases life expectancy and also decreases the expending with medical procedures, and that’s why I believe they will be the greater sponsors of Mova+”, says Marco Gomes, who is also the founder of boo-box, one of the most innovative companies in the world, according to Fast Company.

The service will be developed by partner and co-founder of Mova+, Mr. Fernando Aquino, awarded creative professional of technology, working with digital media since 1997. Users can register in the website but the features are not available yet. Bootstrapped, the startup is currently negotiating with other companies to sign operational partnerships.


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Mova+ follows up your exercise routine and rewards you in the main reward programs in Brazil. The service will encourage people to exercise in exchange of points in reward programs that can be used to buy airplane tickets, services and products. These benefits will be funded by employers, health insurance companies and other sponsoring brands.

Marco Gomes

Marco Gomes

Award winner of world’s best marketing professional by The World Technology Network, he is the founder of boo-box – tech advertising and social media company, one of the top 5 most innovative advertising companies in the world, and Consigliere of Jovem Nerd, geek-entertainment content producer, known worldwide.
Marco’s lectured at United Nations, in New York City on Creative Economy, technology and social media. He is also the main character in the book “Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky” by Sarah Lacy, American journalist, about high impact entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Fernando Aquino

Fernando Aquino

Creative professional of technology for digital media since 1997. Large experience “hands-on” in digital innovation and leadership in technology teams, with technical recognition, awarded in international festivals such as Cannes, London, One Show, New York Festival, El Ojo and Sinos.
He started his carrier at AgenciaClick, he was Director of Technology at Huge and founded Adjetiva, assisting big agencies in Brazil and abroad, recently worked for Ok Cupid, LEAP Motion, Eurosport, Viacom, Fiat; Nestlé, LG, Nokia, Caixa Econonomica Federal, Renault, Unilever and others.